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World’s First WHR System For DRI - HISMELT Process Commissioned

    On September 30, 2015, JSDJ was awarded a contract (contract value - 11,300,000) by Shandong Molong Petroleum to deliver a waste heat recovery solution to their existing DRI (direct reduced iron) HISMELT process. This project was commissioned on November 17, 2016.

    With years of innovative experience in WHR, JSDJ engineers managed to successfully overcome two major challenges that came with this project: 1. High dust content within the gas itself (approximately 20 ~ 50 g / Nm3); 2. Gas pressure is at +100Kpa.  

This project adds another highlight to our ongoing journey in WHR field, because it is the first waste heat recovery system ever applied to HISMELT process in the world.


Key Parameters

Inlet gas temp: 800 Celsius

Outlet gas temp: 250 Celsius

Steam pressure: 4.5 & 0.6 MPA

Steam temp: 258.78 & 164.95 Celsius

Steam output: 63.2 & 26.5 T / H

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