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Waste Heat Recovery Systems

  • 16 inches 
  • Blender Tyres 
  • C3M 
  • Diagonal tire 

Equipped with 70,000 m2 production facilities and cutting edge machinery, JSDJ Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional quality waste heat boiler manufacturer and boiler system service provider in China. Our products and services encompass flue gas heat recovery systems, waste heat recovery systems, heat recovery solutions, waste heat recovery units, industrial heat recovery strategies, etc. 

Depending on the specific industrial application, a waste heat recovery system usually involves one or two heat exchange units, a steam turbine, generator, and auxiliary items, and all of which are connected by intricate a pipeline system. A waste heat recovery boiler is installed in place for the main purpose of conducting heat exchange for steam output, auxiliary equipment such as induced draft fans and, or pumps are installed for conveying heat-carrying medium throughout the entire heat exchange surface area of the boiler, and steam turbine & generator often come as a set for turning steam into electricity.



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