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Quality Assurance System
With the five essential systems of "operation management system, quality assessment system, sales responsibility system, process assessment system and R& D incentive system" being our foundation, we keep driving our corporate standardization developmentto ensure the operational precision of all departments. 
The quality assurance system of "integrated six major steps" is exclusively implemented, including material trace-ability system - material recheck system - manual operation records traceable system - process performance system - process specification manual - quality standard manual.
When materials are inspected and delivered into respective workshops, an inspection serial number is assigned as per batch number of each boiler; during manufacturing process, materials are delivered according to each inspection serial number; while separating materials, the inspection serial number is shifted onto all sub-items & parts as per stipulated positions.
Process cards and inspection records are respectively applied to log the delivery of inspection serial number of process-materials (including welding materials). All product records are input into the product quality files upon completion.  
All pressure parts are identified by welder-code seal at welding lines to thoroughly ensure the trace-ability of all parts and accessories. 
Five Major Centers 
NDT Center, Physical and Chemical Testing Center, Product Inspection Center, Weld Testing Center, Metering & Measurement Center are established to work with the entire production process for eliminating any production error and insufficiency. 



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