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Waste Heat Boiler Components

  • Boiler Header
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    Boiler Header

    Boiler HeaderThe plasma flame cutting technology is used to process the intersecting line of boiler header nozzles. This cutting machine is able to read the saddle value of intersecting line directly with no error.
  • Boiler Serpentine Coils
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    Boiler Serpentine Coils

    Boiler Serpentine CoilsBoiler serpentine coils are processed by advanced automatic assembly line technology, from tube-polishing to the final formation of coils, all of which are fully mechanized, ensuring standards.
  • Boiler Drum
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    Boiler Drum

    boiler drumBoiler drum is processed by laser CNC gas-cutting technology. Preliminary material preparation is conducted as per required drawings dimension, and a thickness gauge is applied for re-checking furnace plate thickness to avoid...
  • Boiler Membrane Wall
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    Boiler Membrane Wall

    18.Boiler Membrane Wall Boiler membrane wall sections are processed with automatic submerged arc welding technology and pipe panels are adjusted by flame method.
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