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  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems
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    Waste Heat Recovery Systems

    Equipped with 70,000 m2 production facilities and cutting edge machinery, JSDJ Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional quality waste heat boiler manufacturer and boiler system service provider in China.
  • Boiler Membrane Wall
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    Boiler Membrane Wall

    18.Boiler Membrane Wall Boiler membrane wall sections are processed with automatic submerged arc welding technology and pipe panels are adjusted by flame method.
  • Hazardous Waste Incineration Heat Recovery Boiler
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    Hazardous Waste Incineration Heat Recovery Boiler

    Hazardous Waste Incineration Waste Heat Recovery Boiler NecessityIt is estimated that the overall global production of hazardous waste is 330,000,000 ton / year, all of which come from pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, oil...
  • Boiler Serpentine Coils
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    Boiler Serpentine Coils

    Boiler Serpentine CoilsBoiler serpentine coils are processed by advanced automatic assembly line technology, from tube-polishing to the final formation of coils, all of which are fully mechanized, ensuring standards.
  • Waste Heat Boiler In Fertilizer Plants
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    Waste Heat Boiler In Fertilizer Plants

    Waste heat boiler in fertilizer plantsNecessityDuring the the fertilizer production process, there is a huge potential waste heat to be recovered, especially in the coal gasification furnace.
  • Waste Heat Recovery Technologies
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    Waste Heat Recovery Technologies

    In JSDJ, we for always consider innovation to be the vitality of any company. By virtue of this belief, we are in a leading position in the field of waste heat recovery technologies with open scientific research mechanism.
  • Boiler Header
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    Boiler Header

    Boiler HeaderThe plasma flame cutting technology is used to process the intersecting line of boiler header nozzles. This cutting machine is able to read the saddle value of intersecting line directly with no error.
  • Non-ferrous Smelting Waste Heat Recovery
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    Non-ferrous Smelting Waste Heat Recovery

    Non-ferrous Metal SmeltingWaste Heat BoilerNecessityThe metallurgical process of non-ferrous metal consumes a lot of energy which accounts for 10% of the entire domestic energy input and 15% of domestic industrial energy input (2010).
  • Boiler Drum
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    Boiler Drum

    boiler drumBoiler drum is processed by laser CNC gas-cutting technology. Preliminary material preparation is conducted as per required drawings dimension, and a thickness gauge is applied for re-checking furnace plate thickness to avoid...
  • Gas Turbine Heat Recovery Steam Generator
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    Gas Turbine Heat Recovery Steam Generator

    Gas turbine heat recovery steam generator NecessityOver the past decade, more and more gas turbine power plant owners in developing nations and nations that are rich in oil reservation began to modify their plants to increase power output.
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