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Successful Completion Of EPC Project - WHR System For Electric Furnace

On Feb 17, 2017, JSDJ was awarded an EPC contract by San Bao Steel Corp in the province of Fujian. JSDJ’s task was to provide an overall waste heat recovery solution for two of the existing Electric Furnaces. The main challenge for JSDJ was that the periodic fluctuations of gas flow & temperature are drastic, and the dust level was as high was approximately 30g/Nm3. With years of experience in the waste heat recovery field, on September 25 (commissioning), JSDJ successfully completed this Turnkey project.


Key Parameters of Each Unit:


Gas Flow: 154,000 Nm3/h

Inlet gas temp: 800 Celsius

Outlet gas temp: 180 Celsius

Steam pressure: 2.45MPa

Steam temp: 250 Celsius

Steam output: 53 T / H Max

            10 T / H Average 

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