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Successful Commissioning Of RHF - Waste Heat Boiler For Bao-Steel Corp

On June 3, 2015, JSDJ was awarded a contract (7.5 million RMB) from one of its loyal customers - Bao-Steel to design and manufacture a Waste Heat Boiler Unit for their existing Rotary Hearth Furnace. After JSDJ completed all delivery items on April 30, 2016, its erection crew finished installation of the unit within one month. On June 10, 2016, JSDJ’s on-site engineers together with the technical inspection team from Bao-Steel witnessed the completion of successful commissioning of the unit, and the main technical data are indicated below.

Inlet gas temp: 1050 Celsius

Outlet gas temp: 200 Celsius

Steam pressure: 1.6 MPA

Steam temp: 255 Celsius

Steam output: 25.5 T / H


We give thanks to the honorable Bao-steel for granting us the opportunity to execute such a green project for our environment, and everyone who was involved to make it happen.

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