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Successful Commissioning Of Inner Mongolia Project - AQC Waste Heat Boiler

Successful commissioning of Inner Mongolia project - AQC Waste Heat Boiler 


    On August 20, 2016, JSDJ’s installation crew completed the erection work of a AQC waste heat boiler for a cement plant in Inner Mongolia. Shortly after, our on-site engineers along with client’s technical team witnessed the successful commissioning of this project.


    Our WHRB was designed to recover the waste heat from the highly dust laden flue gas coming our of the clinker cooler. We took into consideration that the dust is particularly with high hardness, therefore, in order to prevent abrasion of the heat surface area, certain measures must be taken. As a result of this, our engineers optimized the flow velocity and strategically placed baffle plates & diversion devices to equalize the gas flow field. The main technical data are indicated below.


Key Parameters


Production Capacity: 3000 T / D

Inlet gas temp: 360 Celsius

Outlet gas temp: 135 Celsius

Steam pressure: 0.8 MPA

Steam temp: 260 Celsius

Steam output: 12 T / H

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