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Contract Awarded By GEM Chemical - Waste Heat Recovery Unit Modification

Contract Awarded by GEM Chemical - Coal Gasification Furnace Waste Heat Unit Modification


On August 1, 2016, JSDJ entered into a contract (175 million RMB ) with GEM Chemical to modify the existing waste heat recovery system for its Coal Gasification Furnace. Scope of supply includes heat transfer area, economizers, and soot blowing system.


Recovering waste heat from high temperature coal-gas is a challenge because the gaseous state of coal is highly poisonous and explosive. It requires the waste heat recovery unit to possess a high level of seal property to ensure safe operation. Moreover, coal-gas composition fluctuates simultaneously at the occurrence of coal variations, which further dictates the soot blowing system be highly effective. With more than 16 years of focus on R & D solely in the waste heat recovery field, JSDJ’s design ingenuity of modification procured the implicit trust of GEM Chemical. This project is to be completed in November 2016.


Key Parameters


Inlet gas temp: 800 Celsius

Outlet gas temp: 200 Celsius

Steam pressure: 5.3 MPA

Steam temp: 485 Celsius

Steam output: 52 T / H

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