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JSDJ Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd

Address:No. 9 Huarui South Rd, Yancheng, China, 224005


Phone:+86 13375256375



Manager: Don Davison


Company Culture

Core Value

Do one thing and be the best.


To drive the development of waste heat recovery technologies to further harmonize prosperity and sustainability for future generations. 

Key corporate goals  

1.Be a 100 year old corporation 

2.Attract and retain customers through superior quality, reliability and service

3.Keep improving our technologies to contribute more to our environment 

4.Attract, retain, develop and engage employees to achieve our vision

Key corporate principles

1. Keep creating and enforcing new pragmatic corporate policies that are needed 

2. Base our technological innovation on market needs

3. Invest more in advanced industrial machinery and equipment for quality  

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